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    April 2018

    Protect Your Home with Roof Coating Systems in Scotland

    doves on an old, mossy roof

    The job that the roof and walls of our homes perform is paramount. Not only keeping us and our possessions dry, preventing leaks, keeping the wind out and stopping water ingress, these elements of our homes are also vital in keeping us warm and conserving energy.

    The problem is that these external elements are required to stand up to a lot of stress over the course of a property’s lifetime – the sort of stress that can see the performance of roof coverings and the integrity of any wall degrade over time.

    To prevent premature failure and costly repair, we suggest making use of the best in home exterior protection coatings and coating your walls and roof; keeping you safer, dryer and warmer.

    Roof Repair Coating in Scotland

    When fitted properly and working well, the tiles you will find on the roofs of most homes in the UK do a great job. In conjunction with the membrane fitted underneath, well maintained tiles will ensure the roof remains waterproof.

    Unfortunately, roof tiles can often crack and become displaced over time, reducing their efficiency and allowing water to enter the interior of your home.

    Our RENOTEC roof repair coating is designed to restore the performance of your roof without resorting to expensive remedial work such as retiling. Once applied, this rubber roof coating in Scotland will provide protection for more than 10 years after application.

    Waterproof Roof Coating in Scotland

    If your roof is currently in good working order, making use of a specialist roof coating will protect it from:

    • Exposure to harmful UV rays
    • Heavy rain and hail
    • Damage caused from frost

    These factors all have the ability to damage a roof structure over time, which can easily and cost-effectively be prevented by protecting it with one of our coatings.

    For commercial buildings which may feature alternative methods of construction, metal roof coating in Scotland is the best way to ensure the integrity of metal roofs. This will work to keep them watertight for as long as possible and avoid costly repair.

    Protective Wall Coatings

    As already mentioned, the walls of your home are not impervious to the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements either. Walls can crack over time, in turn allowing water to fill your cavity wall and cause issues with damp. Water can also pass straight through solid walls and enter your home.
    The older your property, the more likely this is to happen, which is why we suggest a suitable protective wall coating. This will ensure that the external walls of your home continue to work at their best. We would recommend using a Properla wall coating and masonry crème, which is going to provide an effective barrier against water ingress.

    Protect Your Home Today

    Kingdom Coatings proudly supply a range of high performance masonry coatings to customers across Scotland. Call us free on 0800 228 9436 for more information on asphalt roof coating repair in Scotland which will keep your home performing at its best for longer.

    Getting Your Roof in Scotland Ready for the Winter Months

    icicles from corrugated roof

    We all know how hard the Scottish winters can be, and it’s important that your home is ready for those colder months. As spring arrives, it’s a great time to get winter ready.

    One of the most important things that protects your home is your roof, and it’s important to regularly check it and carry out maintenance before the coldest weather hits.

    Here are a few hints to get your property winter-ready.

    Check for leaks and damp

    Any damage to your roof can cause issues such as draughts, damp and cold. The problem isn’t always as obvious as missing tiles are – sometimes the roof might need to be properly sealed. Look for a waterproof roof coating for Scotland, which will help prevent damp and water damage, as the country’s unique weather strikes. Some signs to look for include:

    • Water stains in your loft
    • Constant dripping
    • Moss growth on the roof or walls
    • Missing or cracked tiles

    If you spot any issues, then getting your roof fixed as soon as possible is important – this will protect the structure of your home. Damp can cause all sorts of issues, and make your home feel colder, so any extra protection such as a roof coating can make a big difference to your home.

    Clean your gutters

    Your gutters are an essential part of your roof, as they take water away from the house, preventing the damage caused by damp.

    If you are thinking of adding a new roof coating, then it’s certainly worth getting your gutters cleaned – before or after the work. This will help water drain from your property. We all know how relentless the rain can be during a Scottish winter, and with a water-resistant coating and the right guttering, you can ensure your property is safe and dry.

    To avoid gutters getting clogged, you might want to add a mesh guard which can stop big pieces of debris from entering the pipes and causing problematic issues. Freezing gutters can also be an issue in Scotland during the coldest days – ice causes significant blockages. Make sure your gutters slope properly, so there’s nowhere for water to build up, and on the coldest days use rock salt to stop ice from forming.

    Check your roof insulation

    A large percentage of heat that escapes from your house comes from the roof – and proper insulation can make a big difference. Without it, Scottish homeowners could face big energy bills and will find that a lot of heat gets wasted.

    It’s not just the inside of your home that you can insulate. Look at roof coating systems in Scotland, which add a layer of protection to the outside of your home. When combined with insulation these can make a big difference to the warmth of your property.

    Want to find out more about how roof coatings can protect your Scottish home? Call Kingdom Coatings today on 0800 228 9436, or e-mail [email protected] to learn more about our products.

    Improving the Energy Efficiency of your Scottish Home

    red roof with green window frames

    Nobody likes their energy bills, especially not during the winter months in Scotland, where it often feels like the heating is running non-stop. That’s why it’s important to make your home as energy efficient as possible, which not only lowers your impact on the environment, but means you have more money in your pocket. Luckily, it’s usually a simple process which doesn’t cost a lot of money. Here are a few tips to get you started.

    Check for draughts

    A draughty house will be hard to heat, which means a lot of wasted energy and high bills. When people feel a draught, their instinct is often to turn up the heat, which means your bills go through the roof. A solution is to walk around your home and try to feel for draughts.

    Draughts often come from the loft, which might mean you need a roof repair coating in Scotland. However, there are lots of places where you can get draughts, including:

    • Around door frames – especially gaps at the bottom and the letterbox
    • Around windows
    • Loft hatches
    • Chimneys
    • Gaps in the flooring and floorboard

    There are lots of cheap and easy ways to protect your home from draughts, such as sealing floorboards or using a letterbox cover. If these are taken care of, you’ll soon notice your home feeling cosier.

    Monitor energy use

    Many homes in Scotland now have smart meters, which show you how much energy you are using. These are great for showing you whether your home is energy efficient, as you may be spending a fortune on heating, yet still not feel the benefit. In this case, you might want to look for RENOTEC roof coating repair in Scotland, or other solutions that will make your home eco-friendlier. This ensures that you aren’t wasting energy and can make any necessary changes.

    Protect your roof

    A good solid roof will make a huge difference to how warm and cosy your home feels. Most wasted heated escapes from the roof, which means that adding a rubber roof coating in Scotland can be a great investment in your home. This makes your roof 100% waterproof – handy during the long rainy seasons. It also means you can get rid of the moss and damp that can accumulate, making your home feel cold.
    Roof coatings are also frost-resistant. It seems that as soon as the weather drops, every rooftop has a thick layer of frost, which makes any home feel chilly. By resisting frost, you spend less trying to get your home to the right temperature.

    Protecting your roof with a coating can be more cost-effective than installing a new one. While tile roofs can last up to 100 years, they often become less energy efficient over time, but they’re expensive to replace. Before getting a whole new roof, it’s worth considering adding a new coating instead, which can extend the life of your roof.

    Learn more about our range of products by calling Kingdom Coatings on 0800 228 9436 or e-mailing [email protected]. Let’s create a home that’s more energy efficient.