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    May 2018

    4 Roof Maintenance Tips for Scottish Homeowners

    Very, very mossy roof

    Living in a country with unpredictable weather can mean lots of stresses and strains on your roof. Scotland often has long, icy winters, which are a key time for roof damage, due to expanding and contracting ice, and rainy days can mean dreaded leaks.

    Without proper maintenance, you can end up looking for asphalt roof coating repair in Scotland or might not get the lifespan out of your roof that you expected. Therefore, Scottish homeowners should follow these simple tips to protect their roofs and keep them in great condition.

    1. Clean your gutters

    Gutters that become full of debris can get blocked easily. This means that come the inevitable rainy weather, water can get into your home, causing leaks and damp. It’s important to regularly check your gutters, perhaps when other work is being carried out such as installing roof coating systems in Scotland. If your gutters are too high for you to reach, you might want to consider bringing in the professionals, especially after a leafy autumn.

    2. Inspect your roof from the ground floor

    There’s no need to climb a ladder to do a quick roof inspection. Stand in your front garden and look for signs of problems, such as:

    • Missing tiles
    • Damage to the flashing
    • Broken or saggy gutters
    • Debris falling into the garden
    • On metal roofs – any missing or damaged fasteners

    These things can often point to an issue with your roof, and will allow you to resolve it quickly, before permanent damage such as leaks. You can often prevent problems by using a waterproof roof coating in Scotland, which will add protection from the elements, as well as adding an attractive finish to the outside of your home.

    3. Look out for moss

    Moss is often a common site on roofs, so small patches of moss might not indicate a problem. Unfortunately, moss can be like a sponge, making your roof moist which then rots your wood and leads to endless problems such as damp and structural damage. Using a roof repair coating in Scotland can help prevent the growth and spread of moss, although if you already have it on your roof you should get it removed first before the coating is applied.

    4. Add a weatherproof coating

    Adding a roof coating is particularly important for Scottish homeowners as it helps elongate the life of their roof. A rubber roof coating in Scotland will protect your home from the elements, whether you live in a city such as Edinburgh, or the Lanarkshire countryside. It’s especially important in areas hit by the more extreme weather, such as rural locations, as it can often help you avoid those expensive repair bills after a snowy and icy winter, keeping your home warm and protected.

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