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    July 2018

    Why Summer is a Great Time to Install Roof Coatings in Scotland

    man slating on roof

    We all know how important roofs are to our home. If you live in Scotland, you’ll particularly know how much they protect your home from the weather, with long periods of snow and rain a common sight in the winter months. However, many people don’t really worry about their roof until something goes wrong, whether it’s a leak or a draught, which means winter is the busiest time for people to look for a waterproof roof coating in Scotland.

    You can get ahead of the crowd and get your roof prepped for the colder weather by looking at roof coatings during the summer months, so here’s why now is the best time to get the work done.

    Easier installation

    It’s often easier to install roof coatings during the summer, because:

    There are longer days
    Less chance of disruptions from weather or rain
    There’s more natural light to let our team do their job
    Coatings dry quicker

    Summer is often the season for DIY, as you’ve got more time to do it, and you aren’t held up by the common sight of a drizzle of rain. When you’re installing roof coating systems Scotland, take advantage of the short summers to get these sorts of jobs done.

    Make repairs, before they cause a problem

    The first sign of a gap in your roof can often be an ominous dripping sound or a sudden patch of damp on the ceiling. By this point, it can already have damaged your insulation or the wood in your loft, and the longer it’s left, the more expensive the damage can be. Before your roof needs to get through the rainy season, look for a roof repair coating in Scotland, which will help cover all those little gaps where rain and melted snow can enter your property, before the damage is done.

    Keep your home cool

    While products like roof coatings are often seen as something to protect during the summer months, they can also help cool your property. Most Scottish homeowners will be most concerned with protecting against wind and rain, but during the summer months, adding a rubber roof coating in Scotland will help cool your home too. Reflecting the most intense of the sun’s rays, a roof coating can stop your home from overheating, so you don’t spend a fortune running fans and air conditioning.

    Improving the look of your home

    During the summer months, you often see more of the exterior of your home as you sit in the garden or see it when you come home in the daylight. A roof coating can really improve the look of the exterior of your home, making an old roof look new again, without the huge cost.

    For roof coatings that can help protect your home, contact Kingdom Coatings today on [email protected], or call the team on 0800 228 9436 and we will be happy to discuss your needs.

    Why Summer is a Great Time to Check Your Roof in Scotland

    selection of coloured tiles

    When it comes to checking your roof, many homeowners don’t think about it much until the winter months, when the Scottish snow and rain can show up any leaks or missing tiles. However, your roof is important to your home all year round, so there’s no one time that you should maintain it.

    Summer can be an excellent time to add a waterproof roof coating in Scotland, which will protect your home from the elements, and provides a cost-effective way to upgrade an old or new roof. Here are some reasons why now is the time to look at roof coatings.

    Scottish summers are unpredictable

    Summer in Scotland unfortunately doesn’t guarantee months of sunny days. Unfortunately, it can sometimes mean sudden showers and, at worst, torrential rain! This doesn’t just affect your house, it can also lead to leaks in places such as sheds and storage rooms. Adding a metal roof coating in Scotland can add an extra layer of protection, whether it’s during a much longed for heatwave, or during the worst of the summer showers.

    It’s easier to apply

    There are many reasons why home improvements are easier during the summer months:

    • Coatings can dry quicker
    • There are no delays caused by weather changes
    • There are longer sunlight hours
    • It’s often the time when people want to make improvements

    It’s worth taking advantage of the better weather to look at making changes to your home. By looking for roof coating systems in Scotland, you can upgrade your home without lots of hassle and inconvenience, and it’s more affordable than you might think.

    You look at your roof more often

    In the summer months, you spend more time outside, which means you look at the exterior of your home. A roof repair coating in Scotland won’t just protect your home, it also instantly changes the look of your property. You can even change the colour of your roof to give your home a whole new look and add wall coatings to completely make over your property. This means, when you’re sat in your garden, you’re more likely to like what you see.

    They’re self-cleaning

    The summer months can often bring dry dirt and debris to your roof, and as the sun shines, this can lead to a grubby, grimy roof. Adding a rubber roof coating in Scotland can make your roof self-cleaning. As soon as there’s a rainy day, the dirt just slides off, so you don’t have to take out the pressure washer or find a way to clean your roof. It’s amazing how a dirty roof can make your whole house look a little grubby, so a self-cleaning roof can really improve its overall look.

    For a range of roof and wall coatings that help protect your home, contact Kingdom Coatings, Head Office, Unit 1 & 2, Block 2, Ward Street, Alloa Industrial Estate, Alloa. FK10 1ET.

    Simply call 0800 228 9436, or e-mail [email protected] to find out more.

    Factors to Consider when Choosing Roof Coating Systems in Scotland

    corner of roof with sky

    Roof coating is a relatively thin layer of a suitable material that protects the roof surface from the effects of the elements. So, investing in roof coatings is a great way to increase the longevity of the roof and also add to its aesthetic appeal. The many different types of roof coatings available on the market can make it difficult to choose the right one for your roof. However, don’t worry, as we at Kingdom Coatings have made a list of factors to consider before making that all important decision.

    1] Condition of the Roof

    The most important factor to consider is the condition of your roof. Is it leaking or badly damaged? Does it often rain in your region, leaving your roof mostly wet? Is it essential to get a waterproof roof coating or will a simple reflective coating get the job done? For example, silicon roof coatings are ideal for wet roofs and even serve as a reflective coating for sunnier days. Rubber roof coatings are a great option for leaking roofs, while other roof coatings types are ideal for supporting a damaged roof.

    2] Purpose

    Why do you think you need a roof coating in the first place? Is it because you want to deal with leakages in your roof? Or is it because you want to keep your house cool in summers? Depending on your need, there’s a type of roof coating for you. A simple acrylic roof coating can be a great inexpensive choice if all you want is something to reflect the UV rays away. However, if you wish to keep your home warm, anti-reflective rubber roof coatings are the best bet.

    3] Climate of Your Region

    Do you live in an area that withstands extremes of temperature? If yes, then a reinforced roof coating is what you should be looking for. Extreme temperatures can cause expansion and contraction of the roof coating and the reinforcement provides it with the additional strength to withstand the resulting stress. Our roof coatings also have good weather adaptability.

    4] Drainage System of your Roof

    The drainage system installed in your roof is another factor that determines your choice of a roof coating. The slope of your roof (1/12 slope or more), the occurrence of ponding water, the presence of internal drains or edge-mounted gutters, are all factors that play a role. Most roof coatings have a defined set if criteria and you may have to make some corrections.

    Roof Repair Coating in Scotland

    With all the benefits that roof coatings offer, it’s really worth to take some time to analyse before you make that all important choice. At Kingdom Coatings, we offer roof coatings and exterior wall coatings for your every need. You can even choose from our wide range of colours. Our high performance Renotec roof coatings are leading roof coating systems in Scotland. We are located on Alloa Industrial Estate and you can book a consultation today. Enquire now by giving us a call on 08002289436.

    5 Reasons Homeowners Should Consider Roof Coating Systems in Scotland

    Is your roof looking a bit worse for wear? From energy efficiency to comfort, an aging roof can seriously impact your quality of life. However, repairing or replacing your roof can be expensive and you may not be able to consider it right now. The good news is that Kingdom Coatings have a way to extend the life of your roof and make it more efficient without breaking the bank.

    In this post, we explain why roof repair coating in Scotland makes sense for homeowners

    1. It prevents leaks

    Older roofing is prone to leaks and in our wet climate, this can cause severe damage during storms or if left unattended. If you look into waterproof roof coating in Scotland, you can be assured of a dry, warm home without any leaks. It will also prevent any new leaks forming, even on the rainiest of days.

    1. It can reduces the cost of upkeep

    When you get a new roof coating, a new layer is added to your roof, protecting your home. This makes it less vulnerable to damage from the elements and it means that you don’t have to maintain it as much, which saves you time, effort and money.

    1. It enhances the energy efficiency of your home

    Whether you choose rubber roof coating or any other type of roof coating in Scotland, it will lead to better insulation for your home. In summer, it will reflect the sun off the roof and lower the temperature of any attic space, thus keeping your home cool. In winter, the protective coating keeps the cold out, so your home stays cosy and warm.

    1. Prevents the growth of moss

    Moss and lichen thrive on damp surfaces but with our waterproof roofing systems in Scotland, there’ll be no place for them to grow. This means that they won’t encroach on the roof space or make your roof deteriorate over time.

    1. It’s environmentally friendly

    Whatever reason you decide to get a roof coating, it is of benefit to the environment. How? Well, in spending less time maintaining the roof, you will be using less materials and also by lengthening the life of the roof, you will be reducing the need for more materials to be mined and created, thus causing a reduction in energy too. Also, because they reflect heat off the surface and keep the heat in, it is reducing the amount of energy your home requires. So, it’s an all round good option when you want to make your home greener.

    1. It is easy to install

    Roof coatings are easier to install than any other roofing system on the market. It’s a matter of power washing the roof, repair any failures and installing the new coating. Great engineering over the past few decades have made significant progress and allowed roof repair coating in Scotland to outperform other roofing systems.

    Roof Coating Repair Scotland

    If you’re interested in protecting your home and increasing the lifespan of your roof, then enquire now on 0800 228 9436 or email us on [email protected] to talk to us about the best roof coating systems in Scotland for your home.