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    September 2019

    Raising the Roof: The Best Rooftop Scenes in Film and TV

    When it comes to film and TV, it’s fair to say that some of the most iconic scenes take place on rooftops. Whether the mood is set by stunning scenery or the height adds an element of danger to ‘the final showdown’, rooftop encounters never seem to disappoint and once you start looking, you realise just how often rooftops feature on the big screen.

    At Kingdom Coatings, roof maintenance is our forte and with this in mind, we’ve made a list of some of the best rooftop scenes in film and TV.

    Mary Poppins

    This classic film and childhood favourite contains one of the most iconic rooftop scenes of all time. ‘Step in Time’- one of many musical classics from the film- is performed by Bert and his fellow chimney sweeps on the rooftops of London and this couldn’t be a more perfect location for the performance. You can’t help but stare in disbelief at the impressive display of choreography, and the scene has an intense sense of excitement as the chimney sweeps leap from rooftop to rooftop. This jaw-dropping scene simply wouldn’t be the same in any other location, and the daring yet graceful performance coupled with the vertigo-inducing height is just the perfect combination.

    Almost Famous

    This coming of age classic features a significant rooftop scene that is often overlooked. After arguing with his fellow band members, Russell Hammond goes to a house party to forget his worries and finds himself on a rooftop shouting ‘I am a golden god.’ Whilst there are serious undertones at play, this is a predominantly humorous scene in which Hammond is trying to come up with some profound ‘last words.’ After settling on ‘I’m on drugs’ he leaps off the roof into the pool and wakes up the next day feeling a little worse for wear. Although seemingly insignificant, the roof is a platform on which Hammond is coming to grips with the highs and lows of fame, and it could be said that the roof is used to demonstrate that in this moment, Hammond’s ego has reached new heights.

    The Departed

    As previously mentioned, there is something so epic about rooftop fight scenes and this is especially apparent when watching Martin Scorsese’s The Departed. The rooftop location undoubtedly adds to the tension of this final showdown and you’re kept on the edge of your seat throughout. There’s also the descent from the rooftop in a lift which further adds to the suspense as you’re genuinely unsure how the scene is going to end. In this instance, the rooftop location is utilised flawlessly to achieve a nail-biting movie crescendo.


    Whilst it may not be the first thing that comes to your mind when contemplating iconic rooftop scenes, ‘The One Where They’re Up All Night’ is an episode in which none of the friends get any sleep for various reasons. Arguably the most humorous storyline is Joey and Ross getting stuck on the roof and their eventful trip down the fire escape. When the fire escape gets stuck, the friends have no choice but to climb down one another which is where the scene reaches peak hilarity. So, if you’re looking for a bit of lighthearted humour, this is an episode that will undoubtedly have you in stitches.

    If you want a roof that’s fit for the big screen, rely on the experts at Kingdom Coatings. Our roof coatings will protect your property from harsh weather whilst giving your roof a fresh new look. Contact us today for more information.

    Maintenance Tips to Give Your Property a New Lease of Life

    From adverse weather conditions to the comings and goings of residents, our properties don’t exactly have it easy. We often take it for granted that our homes are resilient enough to withstand whatever life throws at them, and domestic properties are indeed built to last. However, over the years, wear and tear is inevitable both inside and out and there may come a time when your home is no longer the picturesque building it once was.

    So, to help you bring your run-down property back to life, we’ve made a list of a few things you can do to restore your home to its former glory.

    Get polishing

    When you’ve been living in a property for a few years, it’s not uncommon for certain furnishings to lose their shine. From wooden floors and counters to ornaments and bits of furniture, certain surfaces can begin to look a bit dull after a while, so it’s important to give them a good buff every now and again. Polishing your furnishings will help to make the interior of your home feel fresh and new, thereby giving it a new lease of life.

    A fresh lick of paint

    Whether you have a bike leaning up against the wall in your hallway or you’ve recently taken some pictures down, holes, scuffs and dirty marks on the wall can significantly detract from the overall look of your property. It’s amazing what a fresh lick of paint can do and to go the extra mile, you could also cover up any holes with wall filler.

    A fascinating front door

    When it comes to revamping your home, it’s not just the interior that requires attention. As the first part of your home that visitors see, it’s important for your front door to be in tip-top condition and over the years, it’s likely to have suffered wear and tear. From washing and dusting to painting and polishing, there’s a lot you can do to make your front door stand out from the crowd and with a fresh new look, you can guarantee your home will be turning heads again in no time.

    Freshen up your front garden

    If your front garden is looking a little worse for wear, now is the time for action. After all, you don’t want your home to attract attention for the wrong reasons. Whether you want to plant some fresh flowers or simply give the area a spruce up, updating your front garden will undoubtedly give the exterior of your property a boost and, for those preparing to sell a home, a manicured garden can significantly increase a property’s kerb appeal.

    The wonder of wall coating

    If you want to give your home a new lease of life as well as protect it from the elements, an exterior wall coating offers the perfect solution. At Kingdom Coatings, we have durable wall coatings that are bound to inject some life back into your property. With 8 stunning colours to choose from and a 10 year guarantee, you yourself can guarantee you’re investing in a quality product that will give your property the lift it needs.

    To speak to one of our experts about our wall and roof coatings, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

    Four Ways to Get Your Home Winter Ready

    With autumn being just around the corner, winter is just a hop, skip and a jump away and whilst many of us will be lamenting the loss of the summer sunshine, there’s lots to look forward to in the colder months. From cosy nights in to festive evenings out, there’s a lot more to winter than bitter temperatures and adverse weather.

    That being said, winter weather can be harsh at the best of times, especially here in Scotland, and with this in mind, it’s essential for your home to be ready for whatever the season has to throw at it.

    So, to ensure your home stays warm and toasty, we’ve made a list of four things you can do to prepare it for the coming autumn and winter.

    Book your boiler in for a service

    As a general rule, it’s good sense to have your boiler serviced once a year. However, if you can time it so that this takes place before the cold weather sets in, you can rest assured that your boiler is good to go for winter. A thorough inspection of your system will ensure it’s operating efficiently and, in the event of any problems, these can be dealt with promptly so that they don’t rear their ugly heads later on. There’s nothing worse than a boiler breaking down in the depths of winter and with this in mind, it’s advisable to be one step ahead when it comes to boiler maintenance.

    Check your windows and doors

    To ensure your home is energy-efficient, it’s essential to check all your windows and doors. After all, there’s no sense in having the heating on if the warm air is escaping through various cracks and gaps. Check that all sealing and weatherstripping is intact and where there are leaks, make sure that these are covered. Not only will this prevent warm air from leaving your home, but it will also stop cold air from entering, helping to keep your home toasty in cold weather.

    Invest in some cosy blankets

    Whether you want sofa blankets for those cosy evenings spent watching the telly or you’d like a blanket for your bed to combat those cold winter nights, it’s important to wrap up warm when the temperature dips. A thermal blanket that retains heat is bound to keep you snug at home and further to this, it’ll make you less reliant on your heating. So, to stay warm, save a bit of money and reduce your carbon footprint, we’d advise investing in some cosy blankets for your home.

    Apply a waterproof coating to your roof and exterior walls

    In addition to lowering the temperature within your property, winter weather can also have a negative impact on the exterior of your home. Excessive snow and rainfall can degrade your roof and exterior walls, and a waterproof coating offers a durable and cost-effective solution.

    At Kingdom Coatings, we specialise in protecting homes from adverse weather conditions and our waterproof coatings come with many benefits. In addition to strengthening your home against the elements, our coatings will increase your home’s energy efficiency and further to this, a roof coating is a much more affordable alternative to re-roofing your home.

    For more information on our products, get in touch with the experts at Kingdom Coatings today.