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  • Does a Hot Summer Affect Your Roof Waterproofing?

    For many of us, winter is the time that we tend to worry about the state of our roofs. From heavy rainfall and cold temperatures to strong winds and the possibility of snowfall, our roofs have a lot to contend with in the colder months and these conditions can start to take their toll after a few years. Winters in Scotland can be harsh to say the least, which is why many opt to apply a waterproof coating to their roof tiles.

    This solution is specially designed to form a protective barrier between roof tiles and the elements, ensuring your tiles stay strong even in extreme weather conditions. When deciding to have a waterproof coating applied, we’re all aware that this covering will stand up to severe winter weather- but what about summer?

    Whilst it may seem unlikely, hot weather can actually cause a roof to deteriorate over time and with this in mind, roofing needs a protective layer that will shield it come rain or shine. Below, we discuss why a waterproof coating is worth investing in along with the importance of having your roof inspected periodically by an expert.

    Will a roof waterproofing solution protect your home in the summer?

    In short, a waterproof roof coating will protect your home in summer. As previously mentioned, roof sealants offer a protective layer to shield your roof tiles from damage. They work by forming a water-based membrane over the surface and the coating has tiny pores, ensuring your roof is protected whilst simultaneously being able to breathe.

    As the name suggests, a waterproof roof coating is like waterproof paint for your roof, making it resilient to wet winter weather, however, this is also applicable to summer weather. Hot or humid conditions can cause a build-up of condensation and when this happens, the stability of a roof can be compromised. Lengthy exposure to hot temperatures can cause roof shingles to slowly decompose and with this in mind, a protective roof sealant is essential.

    As well as endangering the structural integrity of a roof, condensation can also cause a growth of substances such as mould and mildew, both of which can be dangerous and will likely affect your home’s aesthetic appeal.

    A waterproof coating will defend against rainfall, snowfall and condensation caused by humidity. In fact, these sealants are designed to withstand more or less all weather conditions to ensure they are reliable all year round and stand the test of time.

    In addition to acting as a shield against humidity, a roof coating will also be extremely effective in dry heat. Extremely hot temperatures can cause roof shingles to become brittle and when this happens, they will be more vulnerable to cracks and erosion. However, with a protective coating acting as a barrier, you can guarantee your roof will be able to withstand both dry heat and humidity.

    Will a roof sealant maintain its visual appeal in hot weather?

    In addition to protecting our properties from the effects of severe weather, a roof sealant can also give your tiles a glossy and refined finish, ensuring your home maintains its kerb appeal all year round. Coatings also come in a wide variety of colours to suit any and every property and they are highly resistant to fading no matter how much rainfall they see- but will they be equally resistant to the summer sun?

    Many roof coatings have built-in UV inhibitors and as a result, they don’t fade or change colour over time. When the sun beats down on roof shingles, this can cause them to go into thermal shock and when this happens, the roof will expand in the heat and then contract as it cools down. Over the years, this can take its toll on even the strongest roof and can significantly compromise both its stability and aesthetic appeal. However, with a roof coating, you can guarantee the UV inhibitors will protect your roof from decomposing, ensuring it looks good and is functional all year round.

    The importance of regular roof inspections

    Whether you currently have a roof coating in place or you’re considering having it applied, it’s advisable to have your roof checked by a professional regularly. After all, the tiles have to withstand damage from animals and general wear and tear as well as adverse weather conditions, so it’s essential to have it inspected by a professional every so often. Not only will this give you peace of mind that your roof is in tip-top condition but also, in the event that any minor issues are uncovered, these can be nipped in the bud before they begin to affect the structural integrity of your property. A reputable roofing expert will thoroughly clean and repair your roof if needs be, leaving you with a flawless covering that’s bound to enhance the overall look of your property.

    Further to this, it’s important to note that whilst roof coating is made to stand the test of time, it won’t last forever. Typically, a roof coating will remain effective for around 10 years or potentially more, however, to ensure your roof coating is functioning as it should, it’s advisable to have it checked regularly so that it can be reapplied when necessary.

    In addition to providing both you and your property with protection from external elements, a roof is something that offers aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your property. Damaged roofing tiles have the power to make a home look rundown and tired and with this in mind, it’s essential to keep yours in prime condition and a waterproof coating is a simple and affordable approach to achieving this.

    For maximum protection, why not also invest in a protective wall coating? These work much in the same way as roof sealants as they act as damp proofing for exterior walls, keeping your property dry whatever the weather. From torrential rainfall to excessive moisture, these coatings are robust enough to withstand both extreme cold and hot weather and they come in a broad range of colours to ensure the beauty of your home doesn’t have to be compromised.

    So, as well as having your roof regularly inspected by a professional in the field, it’s advisable to have a wall coating to accompany your roof sealant. This will guarantee your home is protected from all angles, ensuring it continues to look great and function at peak efficiency for years to come.

    Whether you need coating for external walls or a protective roof sealant, the experts at Kingdom Coatings have got you covered

    At Kingdom Coatings, our team of wall and roof coating specialists are dedicated to ensuring your property is both fit for purpose and aesthetically appealing whatever the weather. From cleaning and maintenance work to repairs and, of course, roof coating, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to treating your property.

    We use a RENOTEC coating system that has been proven to last for 10 years or more and it comes in a variety of different colours to suit all design preferences. This micro porous, water based coating protects your property from adverse weather conditions whilst keeping it ventilated, making it one of the best roof coating products on the market today.

    For more information on our roof leak repair sealants, contact us today and make your property stand out from the crowd with Kingdom Coatings.


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