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  • Four Signs You Need to Replace Your Wall Coating

    By July 4, 2019wall coatings

    Over time, our homes succumb to wear and tear which can definitely start to become noticeable. Whether your home has become weathered by the elements or is slowly ageing, a wall coating can help protect your home to a certain extent. But nothing is made to last forever, and this is true for wall coatings too. If you’re looking to keep your home in tip-top condition, you might need to replace your wall coating quickly. Here are four signs you might need to replace yours today.

    Peeling and cracking

    If you’re beginning to notice the walls of your home starting to peel at various points, this means the coating is becoming ineffective. It can make the property more vulnerable to damp and poor insulation too. Get your coating replaced as soon as possible to prevent a home worsening, and to prevent further peeling and subsequent home damage.

    Colour fading

    If you notice that the exterior colour of your home isn’t as bright or polished as it used to be, this a sign you might need to replace your wall coating. The colour can begin to fade within a matter of years and this can affect your home’s aesthetic and kerb appeal. Consider getting it replaced before a guest or neighbour starts to notice.

    It gets colder

    If you’re starting to feel the cold more than you usually should, it probably means your wall coating is slowly becoming more and more ineffective. A wall coating provides your property with a layer of insulation and helps stop excess energy escaping through the walls. If you’re noticing an unexplainable rise in your energy bills or you’re feeling a chill more often, this could definitely be a sign you need to replace your wall coating.

    Excess damp or water damage

    Condensation, mould and damp: all things that can gnaw away at a property and start to cause more serious health issues to those living in it. If you see that there are pools of water, problems with condensation, mould beginning to grow or your breathing and general health is starting to suffer, it’s a good idea to inspect your wall coating and consider getting a new one.

    At Kingdom Coatings, we supply energy efficient roof and wall coatings to homes across Scotland. For more information, contact us on 0800 228 9436 or request a free quote today.


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