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  • Protect Your Home and Garden From Harsh Winter Weather

    By March 20, 2019Uncategorized

    Here in Scotland, we see far more snow and frost than the rest of the UK. The average snowfall in Britain is 23 days per year, whilst in Scotland, we have around 38 days of snow or sleet annually. As much as we look forward to a day off to enjoy an afternoon of sledging and building snowmen, snow and frost can badly affect our homes and gardens.

    To protect your property during this year’s cold snap, we’ve come up with a few easy steps you can take which will save you time and money in the long run. After all, in the harsh Scottish winters, it pays to plan ahead.

    Plants and foliage

    Whether we’re green-fingered or not, many of us take pride in our gardens and want them looking beautiful all year round. To save your flowers and plants from getting frostbite, bring any potted plants indoors in particularly harsh conditions. If you don’t have space indoors, you can buy ‘pot feet’ which will elevate pots off the ground and stop waterlogging.

    For foliage that’s planted in your garden, spread mulch around the beds to resist frost from getting to the roots. If you’ve got taller bushes and trees, remember to lop off any overhanging branches that could collect snow. This will not only stop branches from becoming disfigured or breaking under the weight of heavy snow, but will also protect whatever is planted beneath them from falling snow.

    Paths and patios

    Even if your local area avoids heavy snowfall this winter, frost will inevitably affect your garden. It’s a good idea to clear any leaves or dirt and debris from the ground, including your lawn and paths or patios. Be sure to stock up on plenty of salt or sand to scatter over your paths, patios and decking as these areas can become lethally slippery in icy weather.

    If you’re particularly garden proud, try to avoid walking on any snow-covered grass as treading through frosty turf will damage it and stop it looking luscious and green throughout spring and summer.

    Pipes and taps

    A frozen pipe is probably every homeowner’s worst nightmare, so making sure your pipes and taps are properly insulated throughout winter is crucial. Where possible, insulate external water pipes and taps using tap covers and foam or fibre insulation rolls. Simply by popping down to your local hardware store and investing in these relatively inexpensive items, you’ll save yourself a great deal of hassle and cost further down the line.

    If your pipes do freeze, put a hot water bottle over the pipe or use towels soaked in hot water to slowly defrost the pipework- you should never use a naked flame like a lighter or blowtorch. Finally, drain and disconnect your garden hose from the tap as you may have to replace it entirely if it freezes.

    Roof and gutters

    In harsh winter weather, your roof and guttering is probably the most vulnerable part of your home. Before the temperatures drop, clear out the gutters so that freezing rain and snow can’t gather and block them. If it snows heavily, the excess weight can be very damaging for your roof and when it eventually melts, your roof will be far more prone to leaking and water damage. The best solution to this common problem is to invest in quality roof coating.

    Here at Kingdom Coatings, our high-performance roof coating from RENOTEC will protect all types of roofing subjected to all sorts of weather conditions including snow and ice, as well as intense heat and powerful UV rays. It’s waterproof, insulative and looks great too, so to make sure your roof is weather tight this winter, give us a call today.


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