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The job that the roof and walls of our homes perform is paramount. Not only keeping us and our possessions dry, preventing leaks, keeping the wind out and stopping water ingress, these elements of our homes are also vital in keeping us warm and conserving energy.

The problem is that these external elements are required to stand up to a lot of stress over the course of a property’s lifetime – the sort of stress that can see the performance of roof coverings and the integrity of any wall degrade over time.

To prevent premature failure and costly repair, we suggest making use of the best in home exterior protection coatings and coating your walls and roof; keeping you safer, dryer and warmer.

Roof Repair Coating in Scotland

When fitted properly and working well, the tiles you will find on the roofs of most homes in the UK do a great job. In conjunction with the membrane fitted underneath, well maintained tiles will ensure the roof remains waterproof.

Unfortunately, roof tiles can often crack and become displaced over time, reducing their efficiency and allowing water to enter the interior of your home.

Our RENOTEC roof repair coating is designed to restore the performance of your roof without resorting to expensive remedial work such as retiling. Once applied, this rubber roof coating in Scotland will provide protection for more than 10 years after application.

Waterproof Roof Coating in Scotland

If your roof is currently in good working order, making use of a specialist roof coating will protect it from:

  • Exposure to harmful UV rays
  • Heavy rain and hail
  • Damage caused from frost

These factors all have the ability to damage a roof structure over time, which can easily and cost-effectively be prevented by protecting it with one of our coatings.

For commercial buildings which may feature alternative methods of construction, metal roof coating in Scotland is the best way to ensure the integrity of metal roofs. This will work to keep them watertight for as long as possible and avoid costly repair.

Protective Wall Coatings

As already mentioned, the walls of your home are not impervious to the effects of prolonged exposure to the elements either. Walls can crack over time, in turn allowing water to fill your cavity wall and cause issues with damp. Water can also pass straight through solid walls and enter your home.
The older your property, the more likely this is to happen, which is why we suggest a suitable protective wall coating. This will ensure that the external walls of your home continue to work at their best. We would recommend using a Properla wall coating and masonry crème, which is going to provide an effective barrier against water ingress.

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