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  • Roof Coatings. Are they a good idea?

    external of stone house and yard

    Whether it’s a commercial building, an office or your home, your roof plays a crucial role in protecting your largest investment. Your home needs a robust, properly-installed roof to guarantee a stress-free life.

    But, did you know that one of the best ways to increase the durability and life span of your roof tiles is by applying a quality roof coating? If your roof was installed decades ago, our roof coating can do wonders not only in protecting your roof but also in increasing the value of your home.

    Introducing Renotec Roof Coating by Kingdom Coatings

    The great news is that Kingdom Coatings are able to deliver unparalleled quality roof coatings tailored to match your needs.

    The truth is, kingdom quality roof coatings can increase waterproofing and UV protection for the roof. Our roof coating has been proven to be effective in reducing energy costs. As the roof of your property is exposed to ultraviolet rays and heat over the years, the essential materials eventually break down.

    Such chemical breakdown starts to ruin the overall function and appearance of your roof. Roof coatings can lend longevity and strength to your roof tiles whilst keeping a pleasing to the eye aesthetic appearance.

    So, if you are thinking of giving your property a boost, you might be wondering whether roof coatings is a good idea. Well, in that case, here are some vital reasons why you need to consider Kingdom Roof Coatings for your property.

    The Remarkable Benefits of Kingdom Roof Coatings

    Extends The Life of Your Tile. The appropriate roof coating can increase the waterproof quality of the roof, protect your roof from dangerous sun rays, it also reflects heat away from the surface of the roof and prevents UV damage. This will increase the overall longevity of your roof tiles covering while lowering any maintenance costs.

    Prevents Early Roof Replacement. All coatings from Kingdom Coatings are designed to make your roof more reliable and long lasting. With the use of the right coating for the task, you can avoid complete-scale replacement for your roof for many years to come. Kingdom Coatings are designed to help you save the costly expense of complete roof replacement.

    Energy Efficient. All coatings from Kingdom Coatings are extremely energy efficient. This means that you can rely on our service to lower the surface temperature of your roof and decrease the interior temperature of your loft space in Summer. All kingdom coatings reflect sunlight and damaging ultraviolet rays away from your property which allows for a cooler roof space.

    At Kingdom Coatings , we are pleased to provide our rapidly growing customer base with a remarkable micro – porous, water-based membraned coating which allows your roofs and walls to breathe. Our quality coating always ensures that there is proper air circulation which prevents any condensation forming under your roof.

    All our staff at Kingdom Coatings are highly trained and have to meet our very stringent standards of workmanship, high customer service standards along with each individual having to buy into and demonstrate a real a pride in their work on every job we do.

    So, are Kingdom roof coatings a good idea? YOU DECIDE!

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    The 3 Essential Things YOU Need to Know Before You Restore Your Roof

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