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  • The Best Ways to Insulate Your Home

    Summer may be on its way, but let’s face it – the UK weather is often unpredictable and you may find the odd cold and rainy day amongst the sunshine. Nobody wants a freezing or damp home at any time, but it can feel particularly miserable if the weather isn’t great, or you live somewhere with a cold and wet climate. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to insulate your home and ensure it stays cosy and dry all year round. From double glazing to wall coatings, see the list below for just some of the ways you can effectively insulate your property.

    Double glazing

    It might seem like an expensive investment, but adding double glazing can save you a lot of money on future heating bills, and add value to your property overall. Double glazing can cut heat loss escaping through your windows by half, and the double layered glass will make your windows more secure too.

    Wall insulation

    Cavity wall insulation is another very effective way to prevent heat escaping from your home; as around a third of heat is lost through your walls if they are uninsulated. It works to reduce heat loss by filling the space in between the inner and outer walls with an insulating material such as glass fibre wool, which immobilises the air in the cavity space.

    Add draught excluders

    One of the cheapest and simplest ways to insulate your home is to add draught excluders to block the gap underneath your doors. You can buy sealant strips from most DIY stores, or you can easily make a stuffed fabric draught excluder if you’re feeling crafty.

    Underfloor heating

    If draught excluders aren’t doing the job then you might want to consider underfloor heating. Like double glazing, underfloor heating can save you money in the long run, and it frees up wall space taken up by radiators – perfect if you have a smaller home. Underfloor heating is very comfortable to walk on, and can be installed underneath carpet, wood or tiled floors.

    Invest in thick curtains and rugs

    In some cases, heavy fabric curtains and some strategically placed rugs are enough to significantly warm up your home, especially in rooms with wooden flooring. Thermal curtains add a layer of acrylic foam between double or triple layers of fabric to block out sunlight, reduce noise and insulate your room from window draughts. Similarly, a thick rug can stop cold air coming up through gaps in wooden floorboards, and make a cosier surface to walk on.

    Apply an exterior wall coating

    Applying an external wall coating stops damp and moisture from penetrating the bricks in your external wall, which protects the interior of your home too. Damp can cause a lot of problems in your home, from mould to health problems and a cold, dank atmosphere, so protecting your outer walls is just as important.

    If you’re after an external wall coating for your home, get in touch with Kingdom Coatings. Based in Scotland, we’re well aware of how cold and rainy the weather can get, so protect your home against damp with our professional external wall treatments. For more information about our wall coatings, give us a call or visit the website today.


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