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  • The Most Amazing Roofs Around the World

    By May 1, 2019Roof Maintenance

    Our planet is home to some truly spectacular architecture, from the ancient to the modern, and there are guaranteed to be stunning buildings to visit in almost every town or city across the world. While many buildings boast spectacular interiors with impressive paintings, mosaic floors or sculptural designs, there can be just as much beauty found if you remember to look up to the sky. A building’s roof is its crowning glory, and it can often be the most ambitious and interesting element of a building’s design. With this in mind, see the list below for a few of our favourite stunning roofs around the world.

    Sydney Opera House, Australia

    You can’t make a list of amazing roofs without including arguably one of the most famous roofs in the world, and one of the most recognised buildings of the 20th century. Completed in 1973, architect Jørn Utzon says he took inspiration from nature for the roof’s design; namely walnuts, oranges and bird wings.

    The Grand Palace, Thailand

    This is one building that doesn’t do subtledly, the roof of Thailand’s Grand Palace in Bangkok is brightly coloured with intricate gold plated details. Built in 1782, the palace was home to the Thai King and Royal Court for 150 years, and remains one of Thailand’s most popular tourist spots today.

    ACROS Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall, Japan

    This spectacular roof design in Fukuoka City features over 100,000 square metres of greenery, spread over 15 terraces that form the sloping roof. Designed by architect Emilio Ambasz in 1995, this green roof provides vital natural space in a busy city, and helps make the building more environmentally friendly by reducing heating and cooling costs.

    Taj Mahal, India

    Another instantly recognisable building, the Taj Mahal remains one of India’s ‘must see’ attractions. Commissioned by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in 1632, it houses the tomb of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The stunning building is topped off with a white marble dome at almost 35 metres high, with lotus patterns and smaller domes adding to the splendour.

    St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

    One of Russia’s most famous landmarks is hard to miss with its incredible patterned and brightly coloured design. The roof is no exception, featuring eight domed spires in various incredible pattern and colour ways. The domes were added between the 1680s and 1860s, and reflect the changes as Russian style evolved over the years.

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