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  • What Are The Most Common Causes of A Roof Leak?

    By March 20, 2019Uncategorized

    It’s vital to stay on top (get it?) of any problems that you discover with your roof, as structurally, it’s one of the important parts of your home. It can be a source of major concern if you are thinking about costs or where the problem may have originated. One of the most common problems is a leak, which can be particularly unpleasant during our rainy, stormy winters and there are a number of reasons why a leak happens. We’ve outlined six of them here so that you’ll be more informed when you call to get it repaired.

    1. Blocked gutters

    One of the reasons that you should check your roof twice a year is to make sure the gutters are clear. If you leave them, then that prevents them from doing their job, which is letting melted snow and rain run off the roof. This causes water to build up on the roof, wearing down protective layers and ultimately getting inside the house. Make sure to clear out your gutters of leaves and debris in the autumn months and again when spring comes.

    1. Damaged junctions

    One of the most common causes of a leak is damage to the junctions on the roof. This can be from poor installation or after a bad storm. The issue here is that the slightest damage can turn into a big problem when a large amount of water falls on this area, resulting in a leak.

    1. Failure of underlay

    We’re used to fairly strong winds in this part of the country and whilst tiles and roof slates are designed to keep the rain out, sometimes the wind can lift them, meaning rain forces its way through any gaps! The underlay is designed to carry this water away but with continued exposure the underlay with begin to rot and this can cause a leak.

    1. Slates or tiles slipping

    It’s usually quite easy to notice when a slate or tile has come off the roof (a loud crash ensues!) but if you have failed to notice, then the leak that happens soon after won’t be as easy to ignore. This is because pools of water can build up on the underlay and damage it.

    1. Condensation

    Whilst not normally a cause of direct damage to your roof, if the roof space is not ventilated properly then condensation can form on the underside of the tiles or underlay. This leads to drops of water leaking through the ceiling, which appears to be a leak, but isn’t.

    1. Lean-to extensions

    If you have an extension that the water from the roof on your house flows onto, then it’s likely that at some point this roof will leak. The tiles and underlay of the extension won’t be able to cope with large volumes of water over time and eventually the roof will give at some point.

    Your roof is built to last but it has to endure a lot. Make sure that you have it checked regularly and consider rubber roof coating to protect it further from the inclement weather. Detecting problems early means that you won’t be hit with a huge bill at a later date.

    Roof Repair Coating

    At Kingdom Coatings, we offer waterproof roof coatings to protect your roof. We are located in Alloa Industrial Estate and you can book a consultation today. Enquire now by giving us a call on 08002289436.


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