A Brief History of Tiled Roofing in Britain

When we think of quaint British cottages in the British countryside of the past, it’s possible you may only ever think of dry-stone walls with thatched roofs. However, although thatch roofing has been a huge part of British architectural heritage, tiled roofs have also been a longstanding feature. Here we provide some further information regarding the history of tiled roofs in the UK.

The Romans

When the Romans invaded Britain for the first time – lead by Julius Caesar – halfway through the first century AD, they brought with them technologies, culture and science which would eventually go on to influence the development of our own society. One of the influences that the Romans certainly had on us was the introduction of clay roof tiles which were already widely used in the Roman Empire at the time. When constructing new buildings to strengthen their hold in Britain, the Romans would use overlapping tiles to create a waterproof layer – something that’s certainly needed here in the UK!

The Middle Ages

Although the Roman’s had a huge influence on us, the use of clay roof tiles decreased slowly when they left and thatch became the norm. It wasn’t until the 1200s that clay tiles rose in popularity again – influenced by the death and destruction incurred during the Great Fire of Southwark. This fire, which occurred in 1212, led to a decree by the King that all buildings in London begin using clay tiles as they were less flammable. Over the following centuries, clay became more and more popular in urban areas which were built up and featured dense populations.

The Industrial Revolution

During the time of the Industrial Revolution, clay and concrete tiles could be produced in far larger quantities. This explosion in manufacturing meant that clay tiles were used widespread and spelt the end for thatch as a dominant roofing material.

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