Exterior Home Design Trends This Season

With the new season fast approaching, more of us are thinking about the home projects we can start up in autumn before the weather gets too chilly. Now is a perfect time for any home improvements, so here are just a few of the emerging exterior home design trends for the upcoming season.

Bold door knockers

While doorbells have been standard practise for decades, there’s a reason door knockers are extremely popular. They add a chic, vintage touch to any home, but the right kind can add a more contemporary touch. A creative door knocker will show off the homeowner’s personality.

Outdoor solar fairy lights

String lights aren’t just for for the inside of your home. You can adorn the exterior with clear white bulb string lights. Just one strand can make your home look welcoming and cosy. These lights provide the perfect backdrop for an outdoor summer dinner or an autumn bonfire. As an added bonus, potential buyers who drive by at night will notice how well-lit your front yard seems, which provides a feeling of safety.

Plenty of greenery

Plants never really go out of style, and in addition to this plants are affordable, and if you choose the right one for your home’s climate, they can be very low maintenance. If you’re planning some home improvements, set aside a portion of your budget for plants. Plants can also create a sense of privacy in your backyard, even a bit of greenery outside will also give your home a new lease of life.

Bold colours for your front door

If you’re a fan of bold colours,why not have a bit of fun repainting your door? This trend has gradually gained popularity in the last decade, but it isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Just keep in mind that houses with neutral-colour doors, like black or grey, tend to be more popular with buyers, so consider repainting before you list your home on the market.

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