From Unusual Historic Finds to Modern Metropolises: Scotland’s Most Beautiful Homes

The rich and rugged landscape of Scotland is home to quaint stone cottages, glorious medieval architecture and elegant modern structures. Whether nestled amongst the Scottish highlands or amidst the bustle of busy cities like Edinburgh or Glasgow, there are a range of domestic marvels that are peppered across Scottish land and cityscapes. As a leading roof and wall coatings provider, we have seen an extraordinary amount of stunning homes, so we know a thing or two about design. Below, we have a handpicked selection of Scotland’s most beautiful homes.

The Modern House, LadyBank, Fife

Designed by Gareth Hopkins, The Modern House is located within the historic walls of a fruit garden on the grounds of Kinloch House. With an open plan living space, clean lines, glass and wood, the large windows of this stunning property overlook onto an expansive and quiet lawn – the perfect place for children to run around.

Dunrobin Castle

We couldn’t not include a stately home on this list of stunning homes in Scotland. Dunrobin Castle fits the fairytale and chocolate box associations of castles with its stunning yet austere presence. Framed by silvery turrets, this castle is one of the oldest inhabited homes in Scotland, dating back to the 1300s. Feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast when you visit, as it bears a resemblance to iconic French Chateaus.

Fordell Castle

A 16th-century castle with plenty of character, Fordell Castle is a unique tower house with its own chapel, crypt, study and great hall – all of modern life’s essentials! Set amongst Fife’s verdant countryside, this private estate cannot be explored by the public – so it remains to be one of Scotland’s best-hidden secrets.

Wester Waterlair Art Deco Style House

An award-winning art deco style house, this detached home looks like a cosy family home on the interior but has an astonishing and unique exterior. With characterful blue painted windows, stark white walls, and a mixture of spherical and angular lines, this house is a homage to a bygone era of flappers girls and frivolity.

Craigievar Castle

Not only is this a castle, but it is possibly one of the most quintessential and fairytale looking castles in the world. With its towering pink exterior yet petite frame, it is rumoured to have inspired Walt Disney’s Cinderella Castle. Beautifully preserved by the National Trust, it remains virtually unchanged since it was completed in 1626.

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