Keeping Your Home Cosy This Autumn

Autumn has finally arrived and with that in mind, many of us happily welcome in the arrival of the fallen leaves and embrace cosy nights spent indoors. With all of this though, comes the chillier weather, where that summer sun is replaced by cool winds.

Get the heating on

If you have been putting off switching the heating on, it’s worth making sure things are running smoothly for when you do eventually decide crank up the thermostat. However, if your boiler is due a service, book an engineer to come over and give it a once-over, this is to ensure any outside water has not  lagged in case of any early autumnal freezing.

If you are fortunate enough to have an open fireplace, now is the perfect opportunity to get it swept clean before you start lighting the first fires of autumn and, if you’ve got the space, it’s worth seeking firewood to see you through until spring, garden centres often stock firewood and cut logs also make an attractive décor when stacked up in a fireside alcove.

Cave into candlelight

Candles really create a warm and comfortable environment, so, with this in mind, give into the urge and treat yourself to a few new candles, you can mix and match with cheaper candles on pretty candle stands. Get creative you could put some in jam jars or old china teacups.

Create a cosy calming environment

Thick, chunky woollen or blankets are the perfect companion for chilly nights on the sofa. Throw a couple over sofa arms, or chair backs, ready to pull over yourself when you’re cosying up in front of the telly. If you have the room, try placing a woven basket in the corner of your room and keep a stash of blankets tucked away in there, so you always have a few to hand. Complete this cosy mood by investing in some textured cushions in knitted and on-trend tweed fabrics, too.

Wall coatings

As an additional measure to keep your home nice and toasty this autumn, as we know, the weather can be unpredictable, with rain being one of the most common weather types we experience. Unfortunately, when moisture seeps into your walls or roof this can lead to more complicated problems such as mould and mildew, so having a waterproof wall covering in Scotland will protect your home inside and out this autumn.

At Kingdom Coatings, our specialist wall coatings in Scotland are designed to prevent these problems, and seal up potential weak spots. Don’t run the risk of your home getting damaged, allow our team to asses the walls of your home and install a wall coating system that will give you the clarity you need. Get in touch to find out more.


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