Upgrades to Consider For Your Roof: Coating Systems, Chimney Caps and Roof Ventilation

The roof is one of the most important features of any building, yet for some reason, many property owners neglect to pay it the attention it requires. The roof of a building is exposed to the elements 24-hours a day and is therefore vulnerable to blistering, leaking and much more as a result of intense sunlight and rainfall. Putting measures in place to keep it in good condition is key, otherwise, your property is likely to suffer many other issues as a result.

However, keeping your roof in great condition isn’t just about repairing and replacing broken or damaged parts. There are also many ways to pre-emptively protect your roof from damage, prevent problems from getting worse and increase its lifespan significantly. Below, we discuss some of the upgrades you may want to consider for your roof this year.

New roof styles

Instead of adding new features to your roof, you may decide to make a huge difference and install a brand new type of roof completely. There are many great reasons to update your roof, from increasing the energy-efficiency of your property to reducing your energy bills, and a selection of designs to choose from.

The style of roof you have (e.g. mansard, hip, gambrel, etc) will of course inform your choice, but you may decide between slate tiles, asphalt shingles, clay tiles, single or double-ply membrane roofing, metal shingles, or another option. Before updating your roofing, make sure you discuss your requirements with a trusted roofing contractor and don’t forget to install a protective waterproof coating.

New gutters

Broken or damaged gutters can have a huge impact on the overall efficiency of a roof, so consider upgrading these in time for next autumn and winter. Even if you haven’t spotted anything significantly wrong with your gutters, it’s still worth considering a replacement if they are particularly old or sporting signs of wear and tear.

There are many different designs available, so do your research to make sure your chosen gutters complement your home and have all the features you need them to. For instance, if you live in an area surrounded by trees, you should look for gutters with high sides to prevent leaves from blowing in and clogging up the shutes. In turn, this will help to prevent future breakages, deter birds and rodents and avoid a potentially damaging moisture build-up.


Why not make the most of your property’s roof by installing stylish roof lights? There are many great benefits to having skylights installed, but perhaps the most compelling is the fact they can greatly increase the natural light streaming into your property. As a result, your property will need less artificial light during the day and your energy bills will decrease significantly. They also look extremely stylish, can increase the ventilation of a room and are a great way to add value to a property.

Skylights are a hugely popular option for property owners with an attic conversion, as they can open up a cramped loft space into a light and airy room. Whether your attic has been transformed into a guest bedroom, home study or entertainment room, consider the benefits of skylights for your property.

Chimney cowls

Traditionally, fitting your chimney with a cowl was a simple yet effective way to prevent the backflow of smoke from functioning log burners or open fires within a property. While chimney cowls are still used for this purpose, and property owners with open fires are encouraged to install one for their own health and comfort, this isn’t the only reason to consider fitting a cowl.

While encouraging wildlife into your garden is one thing, the last thing you want is for small creatures to damage your roof. Unfortunately, the heat rising from roofs and chimneys is especially attractive to birds and rodents looking for somewhere to nest, which is another great reason to fit a cowl. These act as a handy deterrent against small creatures and can help increase the lifespan of your chimney.

Roof vents

A build-up of moisture within an attic space can eventually lead to damp, mould and mildew, so you’ll need to take action right away. One of the most effective ways to do this is to upgrade your roof with a ventilation system, such as roof vents. These can be installed to increase the airflow in your attic and make sure that rising heat has a way of escaping before the air becomes too humid and creates condensation. It is at this point that damp and mould can develop and cause issues within your attic and the roof’s structure, so finding ways to increase the airflow between the two is essential.

The best part? Installing roof vents doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. There are many different options available to you depending on your requirements, including tile vents, vent turbines, fascia vents, felt lap ventilators and more.

Fascias and soffits

If your roof was installed without fascias and soffits or they’ve simply become tired over time, you may want to consider having them fitted or replaced. But first things first, what are fascias and soffits? Put simply, fascias are the bands installed vertically from the edge of the roof and soffits are the horizontal bands which attach the fascias to the property’s exterior wall.

What are the benefits of these? There are quite a few, but the predominant reason for installing fascias and soffits is to protect the roof from the elements. Fascias and soffits provide a barrier for the rain, sun, snow and wind, and as a result can help to protect your roofing and guttering from cracks, leaks and more. They can also be designed in a range of colours and designs, helping you to boost the kerb appeal of your property while increasing your roof’s lifespan.

Waterproof roof coating

One of the most effective ways to upgrade your roof is to install a waterproof roof coating. Roof sealant is applied to increase the energy efficiency of a building by acting as a barrier between the shingles and the elements and prevent the penetration of sun, rain or snow.

As a result, a waterproof roof coating can prevent leaks, roof blisters and other issues and help to regulate the temperature of a building. Additionally, by preventing water from seeping into a property, roof sealant can protect the structural integrity of your home and minimise the chance of damp and mildew from developing.

These are just a few of the benefits of applying a waterproof roof coating to your property, but of course there are many more. For the best results, it’s imperative to find the highest quality waterproof coating on the market: RENOTEC. Once applied, this high-strength coating can protect your roofing for up to 10 years, making it the top choice for homeowners in Scotland and beyond.

Waterproof roof sealant from Kingdom Coatings

To protect your roof from the elements, there’s no better technology than RENOTEC waterproof roof coating, which we at Kingdom Coatings are proud to apply to homes in Scotland. This microporous, water-based membrane coating acts as a protective barrier for your roof, allowing the circulation of fresh air in your property while preventing water from penetrating the roof tiles. This makes it the go-to roof coating for all year round.

Has the time come to apply RENOTEC roof coating to your property? If yes, look no further than Kingdom Coatings for an installation company you can rely on. As local roof coating experts based in Scotland, we’re proud to assist homeowners in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee and beyond with their roof coating requirements.

We always go above and beyond to offer a top-quality service with competitive prices and seamless installations. For more information about our roof repair coatings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Kingdom Coatings team today. We’re always happy to help.


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