A Guide To Roof Maintenance: All Year Round

Winter is fast approaching which means storms, heavy rain, wind, ice and snow will impact your roofing. This is why it’s best to keep up maintenance all year round to deter any damage to the exterior of your home because the reality is, the costs caused by damage will almost definitely exceed the cost of fixing the issue quickly. In this guide, we outline to you a couple of handy pointers to keep your roofing in top condition all year round.

Regular inspections are important.

First check inside your home. Look out for dark or browning spots, or blistering and bubbling paint which area prime indicator of water damage. Also, check for damp spots forming near any fireplaces.

Look outside

With the interior of your home checked, it is time to check the outside of your roofing. The first and most crucial thing to look at is safety; do not attempt to walk on your roof. If you’re okay with heights, you can view your roof using a ladder, preferably with someone on the ground monitoring you. If heights make you feel uneasy, find a good spot to view your roof with binoculars. If neither of those options work, you will need to use the services of a roofing maintenance professional.

Check your chimney

After inspecting the shingles or tiles, turn your attention to your chimney. It’s important to check the flashing and make sure that it isn’t peeled away, dislodged or otherwise damaged. Skylights, vents and any structures that penetrate through the roof should be checked to ensure sealant isn’t cracking or peeling away.

What is surrounding your roof?

Finally, have a look at what’s around your roof: are there overhanging trees? Branches that lead directly to your roof not only provide easier access for wildlife, but they can also scrape and damage your roof and send shingles flying in the winds? There’s also the potential for branches to come off in a storm and cause significant damage, and the shade they provide allows moss to grow, with this in mind, keep branches trimmed about 10ft away from your roofing.

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